Xiangyang textile industry ranks first in the province (Chu Tian express trainee reporter Zhu Na and correspondent Zhu Chunbo) on August 30, the Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology reported the development status of the city's textile industry at the "city's intelligent manufacturing and production and marketing cooperation promotion meeting". At present, the city has 3.1 million cotton spindles and 44000 looms, with an annual production of 710000 tons of yarn, 2 billion meters of grey cloth and 140 million pieces of clothing. In 2018, the total output value of the city's textile industry was 58 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 11.1%, and its comprehensive strength ranked first among cities and prefectures in the province.

There are 280 Textile Enterprises above Designated Size in Xiangyang City, which have absorbed more than 40000 labor force for employment, created nearly 700 million yuan of tax revenue for the finance and provided 900 million yuan of labor remuneration for employees.

As a traditional industry, the textile industry has become the pillar industry of the city. Under the influence of the international environment, the production and operation of enterprises are facing unprecedented challenges. Where should we go in the future? How to survive and develop in adversity? It is a serious issue in front of everyone.

In the exchange and interaction on behalf of enterprises, the heads of enterprises, in combination with their own reality, shared the successful experience of enterprises in production and marketing cooperation, planning and construction of intelligent textile projects, and enterprise management. Experts in the industry also taught entrepreneurs from different angles on intelligent production, information management and flexible production in the textile industry.

At the meeting, Jihua 3542 Textile Co., Ltd. and Yicheng Tianshu Textile Co., Ltd. signed a cotton yarn production and marketing cooperation agreement with an output of 600 tons and a value of 17.4 million yuan; Hubei Yinhe Textile Co., Ltd. and Xiangyang Taiming Industrial Co., Ltd. signed various cotton yarn purchase and sales contracts with a value of 1200 tons and 28.1 million yuan.

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