Xiangyang Gov:Achieve high-quality development of textile industry

June 18, the vice secretary of municipal party committee, secretary of the committee to FanCheng Feng Yanfei area key textile enterprises carry out special investigation, field understand textile enterprise production and operation situation, analysis the current textile industry running situation, grasp the existing difficulties and problems, study and formulate measures for promoting the development of the textile industry with high quality under the new situation.

Textile industry is one of the advantageous traditional industries of Xiangyang. Starting from the late 1960s, after decades of development, it has formed a relatively complete industrial system of spinning, weaving, chemical fiber, printing and dyeing, clothing and medical textiles. With the continuous development and growth of textile enterprises in our city, there are 120 enterprises with production and sales of more than 100 million yuan and 5 enterprises with sales of more than 1 billion yuan.

On the same day, Feng yanfei and his party first came to xiangyang Xingyue Textile Co., LTD. 's front spinning workshop, spinning workshop and drum room. They inspected the production situation of the enterprise, learned about the operation and sales situation of the enterprise in detail, and inquired about the difficulties such as raw materials, working capital and logistics.

In xiangyang Xingyue Textile Co., LTD. 's back spinning spinning workshop and back spinning drum room, Feng Yanfei looked and asked about the production situation and order situation of the enterprise in detail, and asked about the difficulties encountered in the operation process.

Feng Yanfei pointed out that for the development of the textile industry, enterprises should enhance their confidence, overcome difficulties, forge ahead with determination and innovation. At the same time, they should face up to difficulties, identify problems and solve them. The relevant government units should also go deep into enterprises, focus on the actual difficulties faced by enterprises and coordinate to solve them one by one. We should strengthen the connection between local production and sales, and encourage local enterprises to tap local markets, expand product sales, improve industrial chains, boost development confidence, and serve economic development. It is necessary to increase the technological innovation and intelligent transformation of enterprises, improve the quality and competitiveness of products, continuously expand the scale of enterprises, and enhance the benefits of enterprises; We should help enterprises make full use of the policies of the central, provincial and municipal governments to benefit them, reduce operating costs and help them tide over difficulties.

(Source: Xiangyang Daily)

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